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  • Guess the Saying?
    Know your catchphrases? Can you beat all 570 puzzles ? Just look at the PICTURE and guess the very popular SAYING/ PHRASE /REBUS. You may need to THINK OUT OF THE BOX !!
  • Clue Pics
    Can you crack the CLUE from the ICON PICS & guess what its saying?, in this amazing free picture + word puzzle game, over 300 LEVELS available! Awesome Sequel to Guess the Saying ?
  • 4 Pics 1 MOVIE
    Each puzzle contains 4 pictures - 2 images(words), 1 actor(hint) & 1 poster(hint), GUESS THE MOVIE - What is it?
  • 6 Numbers 1 Target
    6 Numbers, Max 5 Steps, 4 symbols, 3 or 2 Hints, 1 Target ! It's like 4 Pics 1 Word with Numbers!

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  • More NEW & Awesome Games
    More new games are in the works, the fun never stops...
  • Guess the Saying & Clue Pics
    More new levels to be added very soon...


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